Educational Psychology Service

What is the Educational Psychology Service?

The Educational Psychology Service exists on the Araranguá Campus since October 2017 and acts towards promoting institutional actions that enhance the conditions for students’ permanence in the university. It seeks to inform, raise awareness and involve the faculty, administrative staff and students in these actions, because providing students’ with good conditions for degree completion is a commitment of the entire university community.

Who can have access to the Educational Psychology Service?

Araranguá Campus students as well as faculty and administrative staff members on behalf of students.

Which services are provided?

  • Mapping of the students’ reality to justify initiatives and actions aimed at qualifying students’ permanence;
  • Faculty support regarding educational and psycho-social affairs;
  • Institutional organization of spaces for students’ health promotion and prevention;
  • Acknowledgment and confrontation of situations of oppression and violation of students’ rights;
  • Assistance for special situations of distress and referral to other psycho-social services;
  • Development of workshops and meetings with themes related to the difficulties regarding academic life.

Office hours:
Monday – afternoon and evening
Tuesday to Friday – morning and afternoon
Location: Room 03 – Building B – ground floor
Contact us: | (+55) 48 3721-2169

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